Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jeju Furey Beach Volleyball Day 1

Although the Jeju Furey Beach Volleyball tournament was a few weeks ago, I'm just getting around to putting up some of the video from the event now. Held during the June 13th weekend, the weather conditions were perfect for some volleyball, too bad my skills were no where near.

8:00 am start: I grab the 6:30 am bus from Shinsigaji to Jeju-si. I text my team captain, Naomi, and inform her of my decision to stop by McDonald's on the way; nothing says breakfast of champions like a sausage egg mcmuffin...or two.

I happen to run into some other players competing in the tournament at McDonald's and secure a ride to the beach. We get to the beach to find the tournament has already started, thick fog surrounds the beach.

Fortunately my team didn't have to play first, but we were a man down to start anyway, as one of members didn't show up til after our first three sets. Despite our handicap, we still managed to draw all three sets with the help of some substitutes.

Sun came out and it got hot; really hot. Here is the Seogwipo team trying to keep it real, with a Nova Scotian flag hoisted over the court. Still have no idea where the flag came from, but it's great nonetheless.

Here is my friend Laurel's team against one of the Korean Swing dancing teams that were competing in the tournament. Their teams were good, but even better swing dancers. I was witness to some of their skills later that evening.

The Seogwipo team was about on par with ours, which was somewhere near the bottom of the barrel.

Here are the "Hallabacks" against fellow Maritimer Troy's team:

There were quite a few of us Maritimers out there, which is always a good thing in my opinion. Troy is heading back to the Martimes after two and half years on Jeju. He's probably headed out Halifax way, so I wish him the best.

Included in our 30,000 won admission fee into the tournament, we got some nice t-shirts as well as some pizza for dinner. All eyes were on the delivery men as they made their approach to the center stage.

Not long after, the most beautiful sunset came upon us. I never tire of seeing such sights.

Most of the participants camped the night on the beach, myself included. There was a great bonfire happening with some acoustic music to go around, putting the perfect end to a great day.

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