Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jeju Furey Beach Volleyball Day 2

I was fortunate enough to wake up in a tent Sunday morning. Despite the ridiculously hot conditions during Saturday, it got quite chilly at night.

Walked down to the beach around 7:40 am, people were just starting to get up, some later than others. Another early morning rise took its toll on a lot of people.

Team "Mean Machine in Neon Green" was our first opponent of the day, and mean they were. We were slaughtered 21-9 in both games, but on the plus side, no one else could beat them either.

Here they are taking down yet another team:

The "Hallabacks" taking on the "Peace Frogs," two of the better teams in the tournament.

By 10:00 am, the sun was shining brightly, turning the sand into a lethal weapon. People were sprinkling water on the sand in an attempt to cool things down. Everyone's feet were burning, some even put on socks to play. I kept to the shade after our team lost all of our remaining games, it was probably a good thing.

"Mean Machine" taking on "Peace Frogs" for a by to the finals:

Dan Nabben of Peace Frogs trying his spiderman reflexes to get the ball; he was a ninja out there.

Some good volley action:

Peace Frogs facing elimination, trying to stay alive in the tournament.

Mean Machine in the finals; sheer domination. I think they went undefeated on Sunday.

Valiant effort by the other team, but they were just no match for the Mean Machine.

Tournament over, and a weekend of great memories.

Dan Nabben put together an amazing event; Nathan would be proud.

After spending two days out on the beach, the first thing on my mind and many others was a shower...and then bed.

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